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ROI in Less Than 90 Days with Qlik

Qlik software solutions like Qlik Business Discovery add a new level of analysis to your existing data resources allowing you to make smarter, faster business decisions anywhere. Armanino, a Qlik Reseller, has business intelligence experts to help you prioritize your analytical needs and customize your solution – so you can get the most value from Qlik tools like QlikView and Qlik Sense Business Intelligence.



Free Trial - Free BI Dashboards at Your FingertipsQlik’s Business Discovery platform gives you the real-time data and analytics you need to make better business decisions. It pulls data from your existing business-critical software solutions and brings it into an easy-to-use dashboard that employees can access anywhere. Armanino’s business intelligence specialists help you assess and prioritize your analytical needs, customize your QlikView solution and implement it -- quickly and easily. You can also rely on us for ongoing support services.

Dynamic Insights

Leverage the power of reporting and analytics to create a comprehensive roadmap for your company’s growth. Using data from your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX or GP system, Dynamic InsightsSM creates easy-to-use and easy to understand dashboards, giving your team a deeper understanding of your company. Use this data to quickly identify issues impacting your business and recognize opportunities as they come along.


Practice Insights

Armanino not only sells, implements and customizes Business Intelligence solutions for our clients – we use the Practice Insights solution built on QlikView as the foundation for tracking our own success.  Our Key Performance Indicator dashboard makes analysis simple and easy, putting professional services management teams in control of their data so they can rapidly retrieve the answers to their most critical business questions.



As a QlikView and Qlik Sense Reseller, Armanino offers a full breadth of services for QlikView and Qlik Sense customers. Our deeply experienced consulting team helps organizations  achieve ROI in less than 90 days. We have engaged in more than 100 QlikView projects with companies like  Autodesk, IDT and Haws Corporation. We can enable your company to create a best-in-class analytic service for your business users.

Design Implementation

Armanino’s expert implementation service will help your company to experience high return on investment (ROI), low total cost of ownership (TCO), and a rapid rate of end user adoption to achieve a quick payback.  Because Armanino’s best of breed Business Discovery tool is implemented remotely via the web, your organization can achieve ROI in less than 90 days.

Best of all, the data being analyzed greatly improves and speeds your company’s decision-making—and you can’t put a price tag on that!

Our team has a depth of expertise unparalleled in the Western United States. John Horner is Director of Armanino’s Qlik practice and was one of the first QlikView solutions providers in the United States. He has more than 15 years of experience implementing QlikView and Qlik Sense in retail, manufacturing, technology and financial services organizations. Additionally, Armanino was named QlikView’s North American winner of the 2011 “Teamwork for Results” award.

Armanino is a trained and certified implementation partner of QlikView and Qlik Sense, as well as a Qlik Elite Solutions Provider, having installed the Business Intelligence software for dozens of satisfied clients.  Our web-based training program takes only an hour, freeing your employees to start using Qlik Business Intelligence almost immediately.




You can rely on our business intelligence experts to keep your QlikView applications current and delivering maximum ROI. Armanino is a certified QlikView and Qlik Sense implementation partner, and we’ve provided Qlik consulting, implementation and support services for the software at more than 100 companies.

Our QlikView and Qlik Sense CARE program gives you complete  access to Armanino’s entire QlikView and Qlik Sense team, from Information Technology  architects and trainers to expert data modelers , UI designers and tech support staff, for a fixed monthly service charge. We offer three levels of QlikView and Qlik Sense CARE  – Platinum, Gold and Silver – customized to fit your company’s needs, system complexity and number of users.  At all levels, you can rely on consistent, continuous support, with defined response times.

The program offers a combination of continuous on-site and remote support, system management, education and consulting services, including:

  • User support
  • Application maintenance, license management and system monitoring
  • QlikView and Qlik Sense version patch and upgrade management
  • Application UI and advanced application enhancement
  • Governance and documentation support
  • Third-party software management
  • Education services for users, designers and developers
  • Application reviews
  • Monthly or quarterly check-ins
You can count on Armanino to keep your QlikView and Qlik Sense Business Intelligence applications delivering maximum value to your company.

If you’re looking to optimize your QlikView platform by upgrading to the newest, most robust version, Armanino’s Upgrade Readiness Assessment can make the process faster and more cost-effective.

New upgrade features include:

  • New comparative analysis options     
  • Mobile Business Discovery
  • Improved capabilities for QlikView app developers
  • Improved Enterprise system performance

Using our proprietary assessment tool, we’ll review your dashboards and quickly identify potential compatibility issues between your legacy QlikView software and the new version. This saves your staff from the time-consuming task of reviewing each line of code to determine its upgrade readiness.

We’ll create a report that specifies non-upgradeable items and recommended changes, as well as our assessment of the effort required for the upgrade. Once we’ve identified the full breadth of compatibility issues, we’ll build a customized remediation plan― saving you more time and resources.

You can rely on our team of business intelligence specialists to make your upgrade as efficient as possible, and keep your QlikView platform contributing maximum value to your company.  Armanino is certified as both a QlikView and Qlik Sense Reseller and QlikView and Qlik Sense Business Intelligence implementation partner, and has implemented the software at more than 100 companies.


Armanino has deep industry experience, implementing QlikView and Qlik Sense Business Intelligence to increase operational effectiveness and have a direct impact on the bottom line for organizations in a variety of industries.

Financial Services

Financial Services

To keep up with their clients and stay ahead of the competition, today’s accounting firms need access to insightful data in a user-friendly, self-service format. Armanino’s Practice Insights solution delivers fast, accurate decision-making data displayed via an on-screen dashboard that helps firms chart their courses for success.


Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Food & beverage companies are operating increasingly complex global supply and distribution networks. Close collaboration is required among product developers and marketers, suppliers and retailers to gain real-time visibility into business conditions.




QlikView and Qlik Sense offer Business Intelligence (BI) software tailored to your company and your specific needs. Combined with Armanino's customization services, QlikView puts users in control, allowing you to explore your data with unprecedented freedom.


Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Medical device manufacturers win on innovation, not price. QlikView and Qlik Sense make it easier to uncover and capture the insights that drive innovation through clear, integrated views of information from disparate data sources.




Lessons learned during the global economic downturn have driven manufacturing companies to operate leaner and smarter. Manufacturing companies are shifting to “demand pull” and “made to order” business models.




The retail and wholesale distribution industries have never been more fragmented—or fractured—than they are today. From discount warehouse clubs to upscale specialty retail stores, corner convenience chains to mega e-commerce sites, buyers are better informed, less loyal, and highly cautious about discretionary spending.


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