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The Salesforce-Adaptive Insights Integration Pack:

  • Effortlessly Sync key sales and budgeting information
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce manual errors through a fully automated process
  • Achieve maximum transparency by always having current budgets with the latest sales forecast
  • View the year’s budget by Customer or Product in Salesforce 


Armanino’s Salesforce-Adaptive Insights Integration Pack syncs two powerful best of breed applications to help you achieve greater efficiency. The Integration Pack allows for the migration of the Sales Pipeline, Sales by Customer and Sales by SKU to Adaptive Insights from Salesforce. The migration of this data allows for your budgeting to be more accurate, detailed and robust. Furthermore, the Integration allows for Sales by Customer and Product Sales by SKU to be migrated back from Adaptive Insights to Salesforce. This enables your sales reps and managers to see the long-term goals for the year and benchmark themselves accordingly.

The Salesforce-Adaptive Insights Integration Pack ensures all relevant data is migrated between the two systems, providing your team with detailed and accurate information to better optimize decision making. Plus, since this integration is completely automated, there is no waste of time in low value tasks such as re-keying data.

Adaptive Insights to Salesforce Integration Workflow