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Small and mid-sized businesses, including nonprofits, now face a very real risk of cyberattack. This threat will only continue to grow with the expansion of the cloud, the internet of things and mobile devices. In this day and age, all companies―regardless of size or industry―need to think seriously about cybersecurity and what they are doing to protect themselves and their customers.

As a partner to hundreds of small and mid-sized organizations, Armanino has developed a wide range of cost-effective cybersecurity services to help business leaders combat ever-expanding threats and successfully guard their corporate assets. Our cybersecurity team can help you assess and mitigate your risks, and develop and manage an effective security plan.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Our experts help you identify technical, organizational and administrative control deficiencies and strengthen your security processes. We provide a comprehensive range of assessment services to help you pinpoint and eliminate potential weaknesses, including:
  • Information risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Network security review
  • Operational and organizational security review
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Employee awareness training
  • Incident response planning
Our experts leverage NIST, ISO 27k, PCI readiness and COBIT frameworks to determine your vulnerabilities. As part of an assessment, we prioritize your risks and provide your management and operations teams with a step-by-step roadmap for mitigating them and achieving your cybersecurity goals.

Cybersecurity Program Development and Management
Customers, boards, vendors and other stakeholders want to know that the organizations they work with are protecting sensitive information. A weak cybersecurity infrastructure can have legal and regulatory repercussions, and damage your reputation and your bottom line. Our team can help you efficiently build, implement and manage an effective cybersecurity program. We work with you to:
  • Define your organizational and program-level security goals, and create a game plan for remediating deficiencies.
  • Develop a risk management framework, including risk assessment methodology, management/stakeholder roles, policies, procedures and supporting documentation.
  • Develop standard operating procedures, technical controls and testing procedures.
  • Provide implementation and project/program management support.
Cybersecurity Policy and Documentation
A strong security policy is the basis of an effective cybersecurity program. Armanino uses a comprehensive methodology to deliver customized documentation solutions that support your environment. Our experts:
  • Review your business and compliance requirements to identify the policies and frameworks that are needed.
  • Review your current policies and provide a gap report.
  • Augment existing policies or develop new documentation, based on your needs.
  • Help you create standards for policy maintenance, review and dissemination.
Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity assessment, remediation and maintenance will help you protect your most critical data and provide needed assurance to your key stakeholders.


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