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With increasing competitiveness and changing regulations, higher education institutions face financial, educational and technological hurdles. Armanino has worked with numerous colleges and universities, and we combine this deep expertise with data-driven analysis and the right software solutions to help our clients meet today’s challenges and better prepare for the future.

Our Approach

Armanino takes a holistic approach when working with CFOs and VPs of Finance at today’s leading public and private universities by addressing not just your compliance issues, but your underlying business challenges.

We go beyond providing audited financials. If you have not already, we can help you define what key performance metrics (KPIs) your university needs to use to measure your financial data. We’ll then provide the insight behind the metrics—assessing opportunities, weighing risks and exploring the practical implications to both your short- and long-term priorities. This will prove invaluable in making well-educated decisions about how best to operate your team, as well as your university or college.

We also understand the pain points higher education CFOs face every day including financial planning, data consolidation and rolling forecasting. We can assist public and private universities struggling to maintain multiple Excel budgets across departments. As your Adaptive Insights implementation partner, Armanino provides you with integration to Kuali and the confidence that comes from having experienced FP&A managers and CFOs provide you with best practice guidance so you can focus on your university’s strategic priorities.

What We Do

Audit & Review

Audit & Review

Your priorities (research, enrollment, sustainability and beyond) require support from the right financial partner. At Armanino, we work with a number of private colleges and universities with more than $350M in assets and more than $50M in investment portfolios and budgets. We have expertise conducting audits under OMB Circular A-133 and our firm is a member of the Governmental Audit Quality Center (GAQC).




Armanino has the resources and expertise to meet your needs, no matter how complicated or demanding including unrelated business income, Form 990 preparation and more. Our experts address key concerns and identify strategic tax-planning opportunities throughout the year—not just during tax season.




Armanino provides a full range of specialized services to meet the operational, financial and strategic needs of colleges and universities. Our team can provide bookkeepers to take care of all of your accounting, or we can do project work as needed. We can also help automate your budgeting and forecasting through our Adaptive Insights software solution.


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