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Affordable Housing

Nonprofit developers and property managers within the affordable housing industry face many challenges while working to meet the needs of low-income communities. Armanino has the expertise in both the nonprofit and private sector to support these goals and implement long-term strategies to help your organization continue serving those in need.

What We Do

Our experienced team of CPAs and former CFOs provide audit, tax, consulting and technology solutions to the affordable housing industry in order to meet their operational and strategic needs.



Our audit specialists provide a full range of services to the affordable housing industry including cost certification audits required for housing and urban development (HUD), housing and community development (HCD), housing finance agency (CHFA) and other state/local agencies. We also provide OMB A-133 compliance audits and eligible basis audits for tax credit partnerships.



Our tax experts provide filing guidance and help clients address key issues and identify strategic tax-planning opportunities for special districts. We help you meet low-income housing tax credit requirements and work through the Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) submission process, as well as prepare exempt organization, corporation and partnership tax returns.



We provide a wide range of specialized services to help companies maximize their operational efficiency and build their profits, including:

Software Solution

Software Solution

Our experienced team can help companies of all sizes pinpoint their operational and financial needs and determine the best software solutions for their situation. We provide sales, installation, training, and support services for the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), budgeting and forecasting, business intelligence and portal solutions.


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